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Columbiana Medical Center (CMC)

The Pediatric Care Center of Columbiana is located in the Columbiana Medical Center, a service of Salem Regional Medical Center, 750 E. Park Ave. in Columbiana. This facility also houses the following services for the convenience of residents of Columbiana and surrounding communities:

SRMC Ear, Nose & Throat

Otolaryngologist Gary Coleman, M.D. offers a comprehensive range of ear, nose and throat services. Call 330-892-0442 for more information.

Pain Management Center

Pain Management specialist Mark A. Peckman, D.O. offers a variety of specialized therapies to help patients manage chronic or acute pain occurring as a result of conditions such as arthritis; neck and back problems; herniated discs; stenosis; nerve disorders; cancer; fibromyalgia and shingles. For appointments, call 330-482-3762.

Physician Specialists

Columbiana Medical Center houses offices for audiology and nephrology specialists. To schedule an appointment with any of the following specialists at the Columbiana Medical Center, contact them at the phone numbers listed below:

Audiology: Audiology Associates of Salem, 330-337-3332
Nephrology: The Renal Group, 330-729-0059